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Hot & Cold Stone Massage Therapy

Hot Stone Massage Therapy, Sechelt BC
Hot Stone Massage is a technique which targets key areas of the body to reduce tension and pain. By using comfortably heated stones, a much deeper massage is able to be performed, and a wonderful sensation of relaxation is felt throughout the treatment.

The relaxation of hot stone massage therapy goes far deeper than a standard massage, since the direct heat causes the blood vessels to expand and push blood around the body, which helps to move toxins away from the affected area. This also has a beneficial effect on the nervous system in general.

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The stones are heated before your treatments and their high levels of iron and magnesium enable them to retain this heat for a long time. During the massage, this heat is slowly released and as it does so, stimulates and increases circulation of blood and lymph. This, in turn, nourishes the skin and muscles and boosts the immune system.

Tired, sore and aching muscles are relaxed with improvements to strength and flexibility and tensions held at the deepest level are released.

Hot & Cold Stone Massage Therapy
Hot and Cold Stone therapy can also be used to treat muscular injury or inflammation by using cooled or frozen stones. These provide a thermotherapeutic effect within the circulatory system, allowing the body to heal faster and more efficiently. The cold stones used in this massage service, force the blood vessels to stimulate the nervous system, increase oxygen flow and speed up the removal of waste products and pain.

Using a strategy of changing between basalt and marble stones during your hot and cold stone massage creates deep relaxation throughout your body. The use of stones of different temperature has been scientifically and medically proven to be of great benefit for healing, relaxation and pain-relief.

Massage is Therapy for the Soul…..

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