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Why Online Breathwork?  I have been pleasantly surprised by the tremendous feedback by clients who have tried Online Breathwork.  Many are finding it preferable to in-person sessions for many reasons:  Comforts of your own home, no travelling necessary, and surprisingly, it feels just as intimate as being face to face, as the breath itself is your biggest ally and makes it possible.

If you feel stuck in your life, even with years of therapy under your belt, and you want to feel more alive, in touch with your deeper feelings, feel motivated, inspired,  and authentic –  then Online Breathwork with Michelle is worth a try!

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COST:  90 MINUTE SESSION – $129,  PACKAGE OF 3 – $299

zoom breathwork woman focussed on breathingWHAT IS BREATHWORK?

Breathwork is an umbrella  term for all styles of breathwork.  This style of breathwork is called “Circular Breathing“.  It is a 3-part breath with mouth open, with no rests at the top or bottom of the breath cycle.

Each style of breathwork has its own purpose, its own outcome.

Some reasons that people choose this style of breathwork are:

  • Healing
  • Self-Discovery
  • Spiritual Purposes
  • Altered State of Consciousness
  • Transformation
  • Deeper connection with Authentic Self
  • Heart Opening
  • To help heal breathing ailments

You will feel safe with Michelle during your online breathwork session – it is vital when doing breathwork, to work with someone who can truly hold “Integral Space” for you.  Michelle’s background in counselling, reiki, personal fitness training, women’s full-force self-defence facilitation and 30 years of her own journey in therapy and healing in several modalities from severe childhood trauma, gives her the ability to bring deep compassion, wisdom and understanding.  You will truly feel held.

Many people say after doing one  Online Breathwork session with Michelle, that it equalled years of therapy!

Michelle practices and facilitates Trauma Informed Breathwork

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