Michelle is a gifted health and wellness professional. I have been a client for over four years and during this time Michelle’s quest to develop her skills and knowledge has been incredible. I view Michelle as a leader in her field given her passion for continuous learning and improvement as well as her desire to share her knowledge. Her expertise in so many areas is inspirational and also extremely insightful. Michelle has been able to educate me in areas of my personal health that I knew little about, thus, I wasn’t able to “connect all the dots” before. I’ve visited lots of spas and wellness professionals but have never received this sincere and genuine interest in my overall wellbeing before. Michelle is a dedicated and trusted practitioner who seeks to provide her clients with a wonderful experience.

If you’re looking for a welcoming wellness sanctuary on the Sunshine Coast, Lily Peace is highly recommended.
C Kimberley, N. Vancouver, BC

Michelle, in my opinion, is a healer. Her massages are now built into our weekly program, and I know we operate better in the “outside world” because of this. Her reiki treatments take me to a place of peace and clarity, and the feeling lingers. It somehow creates a shift in my thinking, and all the noise in my life is turned down. My husband is very picky about massages. They have to be ‘just right’. We both get that ‘just right’ with Michelle. She is intuitive and gives so generously of her spirit as well as knowing exactly how to soothe our aching muscles. We are very thankful ~ !  Dana & Greg/Fly Coastal – Sechelt, BC

“I tried a Thai Yoga massage and loved it!  It was like doing yoga without having to work at it and having a wonderful massage at the same time.  I couldn’t believe how energized and relaxed I felt after.  Michelle definitely has the art of massage perfected and I look forward to offering her services to my guests.”

Deanna Dolhanty
Beach Hideaway B&B, Davis Bay

“I recently received a Thai Yoga massage from Michelle and was amazed! I felt “loose as goose” afterwards physically and very relaxed mentally as she was able to ease me into a lucid state of meditation. She was has an obviously strong grasp of this method as I am still reaping the rewards days afterwards. She was able to to work specific problem areas for me and i will definitely be seeing Michelle on a regular basis.”

Mat Hardwick, Gibsons, BC
Builder, Surfer, Rock Climber

“After a hard day at work, or a hard day at play, Michelle’s Thai Yoga Massage was a great way to relax and re-charge my body.”

Jeff Doran, Heavy Duty Mechanic and Mountain Biker Extraordinaire

“Have just arrived home after a most delicious experience. My first Thai massage with Michelle Humen. I have had many types of massages from some of the best and  I was very impressed with the care and ambience Michelle took the time to create. Her Thai massage was a totally new experience for me and  I especially  love the way it encourages an active and subtle participation with every gentle stretch. It helped me to have her reminders  to breathe as  I found myself feeling  peaceful in a very meditative state.
I will definitely recommend Michelle to my friends. She was fantastic.”


Geri Bodmer
Corporate Trainer – EDC Wellness Corp.

“Michelle, is a masterful Thai Yoga Massage practitioner. She has confident hands that produce a very grounding, solid and relaxing experience.  In combination with the excellent personal training I receive from her, this massage is absolutely fantastic and is a great compliment to the workouts  My body feels strong, fit and well cared for!”

Alison Hendren, Executive Coach, Sandy Hook

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