Trauma Informed Breathwork

What is trauma informed breathwork?

Trauma informed breathwork is conscious and intentional breathing that releases trauma stored in the body, also known as “Circular Breathing” or Conscious, Connected Breathing. Intentional trauma breathwork helps with trauma processing and healing by bypassing the conscious mind, deactivating the sympathetic nervous system, and having a restorative effect on its practitioners.  It truly is Breath Therapy!

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Can breathwork release trauma?

Trauma can be expelled through breathwork by releasing the tension and pent-up energy that is deeply rooted within the subconscious mind of the person, (trauma is stored right down to the cellular level). Through the deep and focused breaths, the powerful connection between mind, body, and soul diminishes trauma.

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Trauma Informed Breathwork (Conscious, Connected Breathwork – “Circular Breathing”), is a somatic breathing practice that shuts down the fight or flight response and allows the individual to ease back into their bodies, lovingly meet new parts of themselves, release trapped emotions and create new neural pathways for healing.

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