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Lily Peace Massage & Spa Face Care

Yum3I am really seeing results now from three new things I have added to my skin/health regime!  I am ingesting Collagen in the evenings.  Collagen reproduces  in our bodies the first 3 hours of sleep, that’s why it is better to take at night!  Collagen makes up 75% of our tissue, however it stops reproducing with age, which it why it is so important to supplement.  Not only is it amazing for skin, but it reduces and relieves inflammation and pain in the joints and muscles.  I am noticing a big decrease in age related dark spots, fine lines as well as less pain in my previously sore leg!  I am also putting Retinol (vitamin A) on my skin at night.   To learn more about Retinol  click here  Thirdly, I just brought on a new skincare line that is made locally, it’s vegan and organic, and guess what – it’s affordable!  I feel so much better knowing there are no parabens or harsh chemicals going into my skin.  To find out more about these products and or learn about my promotions, click here